BMA 1.6.0132

This release brings a major new features in the tool, and with it a substantial redesign of the canvas. Several new tools are available to users:

Select, cut, copy, and paste

Users can create selections complex through right-click and drag when navigating the canvas, or right clicking variables. Selections can later be cleared by clicking the navigate icon or through the right-clickable context menu. Selected variables and edges can be copied and pasted within the canvas, or sent through the right click menu to the motif carousel. Moreover, selected regions can be copied to text files and analysed outside of the main tool, and externally created model-text can be pasted into the UI.

Design rethink

To enable more complex user interaction with the canvas and improve accessibility variable icons and colours have been extensively redesigned. This includes new hover and selection highlights for variables, interactions, and grid cells, alongside a reordering of the top menu and introduction of a “fit to view” button. For users who need the old colour scheme for ongoing work, this is available as an option in the settings menu. Finally, variables with broken target functions are now highlighted in the canvas simplifying model refinement.

BMA fundamentals

The backend service has been updated, and initial support for GINML import added to the user interface.