[+] How do I open Bio Model Analyzer?
[+] How do I drag and drop elements onto the canvas?
[+] How do I zoom and scroll around the canvas?
[+] How do I name and give ranges to variables?
[+] What are some basic target functions?
[+] How do I use advanced target functions?
[+] What happens with variables with different ranges?
[+] How do I save my work to the model library?
[+] How do I export and import XML files?
[+] How do I move between models in my library?
[+] Bio Model Analyzer freezes while I’m working;
how do I stop this?

[+] Is this just a nice drawing tool?
[+] What kind of analysis does Bio Model Analyzer do?
[+] Why are there only one variable and one constant icon?
How am I to represent the many different kinds of biological elements?

Example Library and References

Toy Example 1 (stabilising)
[Download JSON] [Load model in tool]

Toy Example 2 (non stabilising)
[Download JSON] [Load model in tool]

Mammalian Epidermis
[Download JSON] [Load model in tool]
Reference paper [PDF]

Cell fate determination during C. elegans vulval development – VPC
[Download JSON] [Load model in tool]
Reference paper [PDF]

Metabolic networks operating intType-2 diabetes
[Download JSON] [Load model in tool]
Reference paper [PDF]